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This website is a collection of works from customers who have undergone surgery with Dr. Nueng, who is a specialist in liposuction. Dr. Nueng carefully selects the tools used in liposuction to ensure that surgeons are satisfied with the results, experience minimal pain, and have a quick recovery time.

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Know Liposuction machine

Addressing the modern woman's quest for an ideal body shape, it's common for everyone to aspire to look attractive and confident without the hassle of excess fat. However, it's important to acknowledge that completely eliminating excess fat is unrealistic. This surplus fat can weigh heavily on many women's minds. To tackle this concern, innovative solutions have emerged to restore confidence in women's body shapes. While numerous options are available, the doctor has carefully selected those with minimal impact. These include the Vaser Smooth Ver. 2.2, a cutting-edge innovation for effective fat removal, Bodytite, which simultaneously removes fat and tightens the skin, and the latest addition, J-Plasma (Renuvion), which complements the other two machines by tightening the skin.

liposuction Machine

A machine that will help answer the needs of girls. Fashionable and heals quickly The concept is perfect with just a snap of your fingers and is the perfect solution. Even if the problem comes back, when you've sucked it you can go home and live your life right away.


Vaser Smooth 2.2

The latest fat suction machine chosen by Dr. [Name] for its gentle nature, minimal post-procedure swelling and bruising, and ability to access even hard-to-reach areas with minimal scarring and discomfort, leaving the skin intact.

New Bodytite

The latest fat suction machine that simultaneously tightens the skin during the procedure, yielding up to 40% maximum visible improvement (results may vary depending on the elasticity of the patient's skin).

กระชับผิวหนังด้วย J-plasma

J-Plasma (Renuvion)

Helps tighten the skin, whether used alone or after fat suction for further tightening. Immediate results visible after the procedure, up to 60% improvement (results may vary depending on the elasticity of the patient's skin).

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"Please kindly study the valuable information regarding liposuction before making any surgical decisions, hoping it will be beneficial to everyone."

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